Self Application

Application of Grafo-Therm

To spray apply Grafo-Therm, we recommend a gravity fed hopper spray gun, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All of these are provided in our self application kits or available to buy separately here.

You would also require a small compressor of around 100psi and 6-9cfm. These are widely available through the majority of hire shops (see helpful links). Although Grafo-Therm is a water based coating, we recommend the use of the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Overalls, gloves, goggles, spray hood and a dust/ particle mask. All of which are provided in our self application kits. Within this kit we provide polythene for masking the floor. You may also wish to wear safety boots and shoe protecters to avoid unnecessary mess.

When you have all of the required tools and materials;

 Summer Application of Grafo-Therm

Watch The Video Here

  • Mask the floor and any additional objects you wish to protect from both direct spray and overspray.
  • Remove the lid of the container and stir well with a stick. It should slowly run down the stick. If it doesn’t slowly add small amounts of water until this is achieved. This will allow the Grafo-Therm to slide down the hopper fast enough to enable a continuous spray. See our Mixing video.
  • When ready to spray, half fill the hopper using the transfer jug.
  • Start at the rear of the container holding the gun about 450mm from the roof. Slowly spraying one side of the corrugation working backwards towards the doors. This keeps the sprayer out of the over spray.
  • Then spray backwards from the doors to the back wall, covering the remaining profile of the corrugation.
  • Once finished inspect the coverage and thicken any thin areas.
  • 1-1.2kg per m2 will give an average thickness of 1.5mm.
  • Leave the doors open and allow the coating to dry.

The spraying process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. With the complete application process including masking and tidying expected to take about 1 hour.

Drying naturally in the summer months the coating will be fully dry within 8- 12 hours.

Winter Application of Grafo-Therm

The application and masking process would be exactly the same as the summer. When you are finished rather than allowing the Grafo-Therm to dry naturally, the coating must be force dried. This is essential before the coating is subjected to either frost or condensation.

We have found the most effective and economical way to dry the coating is to use diesel fired space heaters. Although gas space heaters will work it does tend to be more expensive. We recommend the use of the largest feasible indirect fired space heater.

Space heaters are available from numerous hire centres throughout the UK. They are available with ducting which enables accurate direction of the heat to all required areas. Check out our helpful links section.

Drying times are greatly effected by the weather and relative humidity on the day, so it is difficult to give an accurate drying time. For best results we have found that spraying is completed as early in the day as possible. This increases drying hours. After 3pm in the UK drying slows significantly, so any extra time before is a benefit.