Got a Question about how to stop shipping container or vehicle condensation? Find out more about Grafo-Therm Coating solutions and prevent condensation now...

How does Grafo-Therm work?

In its dry state Grafo-Therm is an efficient insulant. A 1.5mm thickness lengthens the period before dew point is reached. This reduces and in some cases prevents the periods in which condensation occurs. Thereby reducing the amount of condensation forming in a 24hr period.  Whenever dew point is reached on a surface condensation will form. This condensation is absorbed by the Grafo-Therm coating and released rapidly, when conditions change to drying.  For this Grafo-Therm is superb, the textured finish of the coating effectively increases the specific drying surface by at least 15-20 times.  

Is Grafo-Therm harmful or hazardous?

Grafo-Therm is a water based compound. It does contain fungicides that can cause irritation to the small minority of people sensitive to them. When dry the coating is harmless.

Does Grafo-Therm smell?

Grafo-Therm has a smell similar to emulsion when wet or drying for the first time. After application and drying is completed Grafo-Therm has no smell.

What colour is Grafo-Therm?

In standard form Grafo-Therm is light grey.  White and most other colours can be provided at extra cost and in quantities greater than 1500kg.

What Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) do I need?

To spray apply Grafo-Therm we recommend the following PPE: Safety boots, overalls, gloves, goggles, spray hood and a dust/ particle filter mask.

How much Grafo-Therm do I need?

For most conditions and applications 1.2kg per M2 is recommended. This gives you an average thickness of 1.5mm. This is the normal optimum thickness.

Does Grafo-Therm have any other benefits?

Grafo-Therm provides very good light reflection in its standard grey colour and excellent in white. It also provides an attractive textured surface. Grafo-Therm reduces reverberating sound in steel roofs and the noise from wind rain in adverse weather conditions. Although not documented we have also seen and been told that Grafo-Therm does dry the atmosphere in the building and offers minimal desiccant type properties.

How long will Grafo-Therm last?

Spray grade Grafo-Therm is guaranteed for a 25-year period. We have applications that were applied in the early 1980’s and are still performing as well today as when they were first applied.

Do I need ventilation?

Yes. Grafo-Therm relies on cyclic drying to release the absorbed condensation; therefore ventilation must be adequate to allow this.

What is the shelf life of Grafo-Therm?

Although for ease of use, we recommend it be applied as soon after purchase as possible due to it being self-absorbent. If kept in a cool dry environment protected from frost and direct sunlight Grafo-Therm can be stored for up to 6 months prior to application.

What does Grafo-Therm look like?

On delivery in its wet state Grafo Therm has porridge like consistency. Once dry it has a similar texture to course sandpaper with a softer feel.

What surfaces does Grafo-Therm work on?

Grafo-Therm will work on almost any surface that condenses. Steel, aluminum, concrete, and asbestos are the most common.

Do I need to prime the surface before I apply Grafo-Therm?

In most circumstances there is no need to prime the surface before application. However if applying onto a corroded area it is advisable to treat the surface prior to coating with a corrosion inhibitor. You would need to seal concrete.

Will Mould grow on Grafo-Therm?

Grafo-Therm incorporates a highly efficient fungicide to prevent mould and fungal growth.

Does Grafo-Therm require any treatments or inspections once applied?

Once applied thoroughly dried Grafo-Therm can be left to do its job. If it is applied in areas where abrasion is possible, we recommend that it is periodically inspected and re applied if necessary.

How easy is Grafo-Therm to apply?

The process to spray Grafo-Therm is very simple.  The application uses a hopper type gravity fed spray gun to achieve the correct thickness and finish. We supply all the relevant equipment and PPE to enable the successful application of Grafo-Therm. Grafo-Therm is a very forgiving material to apply. Grafo-Therm is supplied and successfully used by numerous customers with little or no spraying experience.   

How long does Grafo-Therm take to dry?

The weather will have a large bearing on drying times. During the summer months with good airflow a 20ft shipping container can dry in as little as 1 hour, open both doors until fully dry. In the winter and colder months force drying is necessary. It is essential that the Grafo Therm coating is thoroughly dry before being subjected to frost or condensation.

Does it need to be dried?

During the winter and colder months, yes. It is essential that the coating is completely dry before being subjected to frost or condensation.

See winter application for details

What needs coating?

We recommend only the roof and top six inches of the side walls on shipping containers. This tends to be the only area to suffer with condensation. On vans and truck-tops we recommend spraying only the roof on vans and the entire inside of the truck top body.

Is it ready to use?

When delivered Grafo-Therm should be ready to use. There may be a need to add small amounts of water to achieve a better spaying viscosity. This is shown in our Mixing video.

Where can I find the MSDS for Grafo-Therm?

 PDF Link Click Here

Can I spray Grafo-Therm over timber purlins?

Yes. The timber does need to be protected from water ingress and rot but it is fine to spray directly over the timber.

Brown spots appearing on the container roof?

The brown spots are caused by tiny pin holes in the paint which Grafo-Therm has been applied to. The holes allow the Grafo-Therm coating to come into contact with bare steel, causing bleed through of the rust staining. Although unsightly this will have no detrimental effect on the Grafo-Therm coating.

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