Condensation Control

Dripping roof condensation? Look no further...

Grafo Therm Anti-Condensation Coating

The cost effective condensation control

Grafo Therm

Grafo-Therm is the best self application solution for your shipping container condensation problem, and is also just as easily applied to vehicles.

Grafo-Therm solves damp problems that occur in single skin buildings and vehicles when there are quick changes of weather. Condensation problems happen when the air inside the container meets a cold surface and condenses into water. Condensation is then formed, causing damp problems.

Not only is Grafo-Therm an effective self application condensation solution, but it also provides indirect protection against corrosion. It absorbs the moisture that could form droplets, keeping the surface drier for longer, and therefore increasing protection against corrosion.

Total Container Solutions provides self-application condensation solutions for a range of container sizes including 10ft containers, 20ft containers and 40ft containers – and also for vehicle sizes such as the Ford Ranger, LWB Transit van and Standard Transit van, Vito van, Luton van, Sprinter van, Crafter van and Transporter Van.


So how does it work?

In its dry state Grafo-Therm is an efficient thermal insulant, providing a 1.5mm thick coating that increases the time before dew point (or when moisture is formed) occurs. This considerably reduces the periods during which condensation forms, and whenever dew point is reached any condensation that does form is immediately absorbed by the coating.

A 1.5mm thickness can absorb and control against dripping for up to 1.0 litre of moisture per metre squared.

When conditions change to allow drying between periods of condensation, your container, building or vehicle will dry more rapidly because the textured Grafo-Therm coating gives a larger surface area. 

Grafo-Therm comes in light grey and also gives a light, textured surface, not only providing excellent light reflection, but also reducing the effects of reverberating noise from steel sheets as well as cutting down the noise from wind and rain.

Grafo-Therm provides an effective solution to condensation problems, putting an end to damp vans and containers.


Grafo Therm has done an excellent job on my galvanised truck canopy, easy to apply, no more dripping, excellent.

Martin Meadows- R.G. Meadows & son

Had Grafo Therm applied to my container, quick, efficient and no mess. Highly recommend the kit.

D.Rouse - Rouse Forestry

What a great system. I applied the product to my storage container its simple to apply and works really well. Bone dry.

M.Drake - Builder

Super easy application process, the instructional video combined with the kit made the entire job a breeze.

Mr Twineham